Embrace Your Uniqueness: A Celebration of Non-Traditional Brides

Embrace Your Uniqueness: A Celebration of Non-Traditional Brides

Every bride wants to feel like the most beautiful version of themselves on their special day. The most important thing to keep in mind on your wedding day is to make your look authentic to who you are as a person before you became a bride. It can be hard when you are searching for original ways of doing this and all of your options either feel stereotypical or not like you.


The key to solving this problem is in the small details like accessories…


Accessories are the perfect way to add personality to a look! Non-traditional brides, your vibrant personalities deserve to shine through in every way imaginable. A designer we have been really loving right now is Madison Chamberlain with her unique and one of a kind veils, gloves, and capes.



 Even if you are just looking to stray a little bit off the traditional path there are ways to play with design elements to reach that happy medium. The Bella Veil is an example of this with its rich ivory color but whimsical 3D flowers. Not every bride loves ivory though and there are plenty of options for them too. 


Something Blue Bow Gloves by Madison Chamberlain


Another fun way we love to play around with tradition is through the something borrowed, something blue, and something new concept Whether it be finding a vintage broach, adding a blue bow, or getting a new hair cut before the big day; there are plenty of ways to add quirky little surprises to your look.



Shell hair clip with rhinestones by Marionat


Traditional bouquets are always in, but how about a bouquet of succulents, paper flowers, or even your favorite childhood candies? Let the little details of your look tell a bigger story of what’s important to you as a person. A current collection we are loving is called, Love Renewed by Marionat and is designed around the ideals of sustainability and being eco-friendly.




Remember, there's no right way to tie the knot - only your way!


So, non-traditional brides, keep being the trend-setters you are, and let your wedding day be a reflection of the one of a kind love you found.


Madison McDaniel
Bridal Stylist


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