Love Is In The Air: Silhouette Guide for Wedding Gowns

Love Is In The Air: Silhouette Guide for Wedding Gowns

When it comes to choosing the perfect romantic wedding dress, there are several styles that can help you achieve that dreamy, ethereal look you desire! Here are some silhouettes and attributes to consider:


Mermaid: A mermaid wedding dress is a style that is fitted through the bodice and hips and flares out into a dramatic skirt, resembling the silhouette of a mermaid's tail. This style is designed to hug the curves of the body and create a flattering, hourglass shape. Typically, a mermaid wedding dress features a strapless or sweetheart neckline, although other options like halter or off-the-shoulder styles are also available. The bodice may be adorned with intricate beading, lace, or embroidery to add a touch of glamor. This is such a popular silhouette for modern romantic brides!


Style #Preston


A-line: Another classic silhouette, an A-line dress is fitted through the bodice and flares out gradually from the waist down. This style is flattering on a range of body types and can be dressed up or down depending on the fabric and embellishments.


Style #Fergie


Square neckline gowns: A square neckline bridal gown features a flat and wide neckline that is shaped like a square. The neckline is typically cut straight across the chest and shoulders, with two vertical lines extending downwards from the corners to the waistline. This style of neckline is a popular choice for brides who want to create a sophisticated and elegant look. It can be paired with various styles of sleeves, including cap sleeves, short sleeves, or long sleeves, depending on the overall look the bride wants to achieve. We love this style for its chic minimalism!


Style #Sinclair


Corsetry: A corset bodice bridal gown features a bodice that is structured and fitted like a traditional corset. This style of dress is designed to cinch in the waist and create a flattering hourglass shape. The corset bodice typically features boning or other supportive materials to create structure and ensure a snug fit. The dress laces up the back, allowing for adjustments to the fit and providing a beautiful detail on the back of the dress. The lacing can be decorative or functional, and can be made with ribbon, lace, or other materials that complement the rest of the dress.


Style #Johanne


Lace: Lace is a timeless fabric that is often associated with romance and femininity. Look for dresses with intricate lace detailing, either all over or in specific areas like the bodice or sleeves, to add a touch of elegance and texture to your gown. And when paired with an overskirt, it’s even more romantic and bold!


Style #Koh-I-Noor



Remember, the perfect romantic wedding dress is one that makes you feel beautiful and confident on your special day. Don't be afraid to try on different styles and fabrics until you find the one that speaks to you. When you’re ready to find your dream wedding dress, book your appointment with us at Mari Mi Bridal!