Camera Ready Cosmetics Lookbook

Camera Ready Cosmetics Lookbook

Monet, the owner of Mari Mi Bridal, had the opportunity to be a part of Camera Ready Cosmetics lookbook for an all-women led spring bridal shoot highlighting various Bridal makeup looks. The Mari Mi team provided the bridal gowns used in Stephanie Powers’ Modern Bridal makeup look and served as the stylists for her shoot. Read on for more about the experience from Monet’s point of view!


Photography by @nellhovingphoto



Tell us a little bit about the day of the shoot. What was the vibe like on set, and what inspired you?


I was asked to be a part of this all-women team to put together a spring bridal look collection for Camera Ready Cosmetics. The vibe on set was very collaborative; we all played off each other for ideas and ways to style the model to get the perfect shots. I chose bridal gowns from our store that fit trends we’re seeing for 2022 and that paired well with the soft, yet glamorous vibe.



What was your favorite part of assisting with the lookbook?


Bringing the vision board to life and watching the other ladies work and be amazing in their own fields!





How would you describe the theme of the shoot?


Spring Bridal Glam!



Which designer dresses did you choose for the lookbook?


I chose the Jerez dress by Pronovias that had this gorgeous cape, Bree by Netta Ben Shabu that has beautiful soft metallic tones that pop off the gown, and the Yiya gown by Pronovias. I also styled her with our exclusive Lux Bridal Robes from a Beverly Hills designer. Perfect for bridal photo shoots, getting ready or honeymoons!



Is this something you would be interested in doing again?


Absolutely, the synergy between all these amazing women was incredible! They were all truly professional and amazing; I was able to collaborate and learn so much. It was also exciting to have our work show up for something other than our normal bridal magazines.



Photography by @nellhovingphoto



Jerez by Pronovias




Yiya by Pronovias




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