Melissa and Yanni. Mobile Image

Melissa and Yanni

Bride's first name:

Bride's last name: Haviaras

Partner's first name: Yanni

Partner's last name: Haviaras

Wedding date: 09/09/2021

Venue: Koufonissi Greece

Photographer: Nikos Gogas


Tell us about your experience at Mari Mi Bridal:

Super easy and fun! I never felt pressured to purchase any thing and both Monet and Amanda were amazing to work with! I truly felt so comfortable and confident during the whole process. I've recommended Mari Mi to everyone I know! :)

Tell us about your wedding!

We finally got married in Greece on the tiny island of Kato Koufonissi. Our guests took a ferry to the ceremony and reception. It was a three day celebration to remember!


Wedding Planner: @joannaloukaki

Photos: @nikos.gogas

Video: @dimhaidis

Dj / Lights: Nikos Xatziioannidis @nxatz

Venue: @aeolos_hotel_koufonisia

Cake: @tserkiparos

Drinks: @ramantanis_bros

Boat: @mavros_g_boat_tours